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Rocking Bookshelf – DIY – Reuse

This is a short post… Its been a while since I have updated the blog, so just wanted to share this.

During Navarthri, I had to use his shelf for the Golu steps (Check my earlier post for more details on it). So I had to remove all his toys and books from it. There was a wooden rocking horse that his grandfather gifted him for his 1st birthday and now he has outgrown it. But it is so cute that I have not had the heart to dispose it. When I had to move his toys and books, I suddenly had an idea that I could use it as a bookshelf temporarily.

Easy Bookshelf for Kids room 🙂

Now I am continuing to use it as a bookshelf for my son in his room and he loves it :)!

Rocking Bookshelf – Reuse DIY

Isn’t it rocking indeed ?!