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Old newspaper recycling – DIY basket

When I was browsing the internet a few days back, I came across a very interesting video in which a lady makes a solid basket using old newspapers. It looked amazingly simple and I decided to try it.

The original video link – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q3E3uS9QF28

All you need is some old newspapers, a plastic basket for the template, a clean sink and a little fevicol. If you chose to paint it and stick gift-wrapping paper etc, then you need paint and the wrapping paper but that is optional.

Here is what I did-

1.Started with some Old newspapers…..

Old newspapers

2.Tore it into pieces (that was fun šŸ™‚ )

3.I used a plastic basket that I use to wash vegetables. I put the old papers and basket in the kitchen sink (For a change my sink was empty and clean – Rare occasion)

Model plastic basket

4.Put the wet paper piecesĀ into the basket just as shown in the video.

5. Once you feel you have the thickness that you need, just press the basket as shown to squeeze out any excess water.

6. Then just let it dry – I left it for a few days because I did not have time to look at it for sometime! but I think 2 days should be enough if it is summer.

7. When it was dried, this is what it looked likeĀ  –

Paper basket and the model plastic basket

8. My paper basket was not as hard as what was shown in the video – i think either i did not use too many layers of paper as required or I did not make the papers wet enough to stick together well. (However it is sturdy enough for the purpose I am going to use it for – to organize some stuff in my son’s toy room). The next step I did was, using fevicol I stuck a layer of newspaper on this to give it a neat finish and not show the flaky edges that I had in some places. This was the outcome….

Final outcome

9. The final finished paper basket looked good but since I was planning to use it in my son’s room and place it on his toy/book rack which is blue in colour, I thought it would look good if I painted it blue. Well, that was not such a great idea and i realized that when I was half way through the painting…so I just painted the inside and put some gift wrapping paper on the outside. (I know it probably looked better without any of this with the newspaper finish – but could not revert!)

Finished basket with my son’s alphabet magnets

It is really as easy as it looks and definitely useful – you could use it to organize anything!

Tips :

  • Watch the video carefully and follow it to the ‘T’
  • I think it might have been a better idea to select a regular circular plastic basket as the model instead of going with complicated shapes to start with.