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DIY Kid-friendly Dandiya Sticks

With Dusshera around the corner, I know a lot of you will be busy with Dandiya 🙂 In my son’s daycare they had a Dandiya event last weekend and as part of it, they had asked us to bring Kid-friendly Dandiya Sticks.

Knowing how these kids suddenly forget the dancing and start fighting, the regular sticks could be an issue. So the idea given was to use paper for making the dandiya sticks and decorate it without using glitter/stones etc.

I decided to make the sticks with some packing material foam which was lying around in my craft cupboard (Being a reuse person, I accumulate a lot of such junk). I just wrapped that to form 2 sticks and put sellotape around it. (See pic below)

Packing material foam rolled as sticks with sellotape

Then I found an old drawstring bag which was made out of velvet cloth – I thought it would be nice to cover the sticks with it. So I cut it and hand-stitched 2 pouches to put as covers for the sticks. Before covering it, I also put a small pencil through each of the foam sticks so that the middle portion would get some stability.

Old Velvet drawstring bag

Dandiya sticks ready for decoration!

Used some simple lace to decorate along with some regular fabric paint dots – I would have loved to use some kundan stones but as this was not allowed, I did not use it!

Here is the final outcome.  It was so soft that even if you tried to hurt someone with it, you could not 🙂 ! There was a competition for the best dandiya sticks – though we did not win that, I was kind of happy that I made this absolutely kid-friendly and by reusing stuff I had at home. Let me know what you think!

Decorated Dandiya sticks – Ready to dance 🙂