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Til Gul (Ellu Bella) Recipe

This is not really a recipe as there is no cooking involved in this but I am just listing the ingredients that go into Til Gul (Ellu Bella).Til is Sesame seed and Gul is Jaggery.

This is traditionally made on the occasion of Sankranthi. Til Gul is distributed to all saying ‘Til Gul Gya Goda Goda Bol’ – meaning, ‘Have Til Gul and Speak sweetly’!

Let me quickly jump to the ingredients that go into this. (I am also mentioning some rough quantities but ideally you can chose the proportion that works for you)

Ingredients –

Til (Sesame seeds) – 3/4 cup

Cut Jaggery – 1/2 cup

Cut Copra (dried coconut) – 1/2 cup

Fried gram (Pottu Kadalai) – 1 cup

Peanuts – 1 cup

Sugar coated jeera (cumin seeds) – a handful (makes it colorful too)

Mishri – 2-3 tsp


– Dry roast the Til/sesame seeds

– Chop copra and jaggery into fine small pieces

– Dry roast the groundnuts and remove the skin after cooling. Also split them. (If you are using roasted and de-skinned peanuts, then you can skip this step)

-You can also optionally dry roast the fried gram

– Mix all the above along with the copra pieces, sugar coated jeera and mishri.

(You can leave out the sugar coated jeera and mishri if it is not readily available. These are just optional)

Til Gul ready!

Til Gul is ready for Sankaranthi. You can put them in covers/small boxes for distribution.

I will put the details of the Sankranthi function in another post very soon 🙂

Til Gul ready for distribution with some Sakaricha Achha 🙂

DIY Easy Plastic Bag Dispenser

Do you try to  minimize the plastic bags at home and go green but always accumulate so many of them at home? Well, I have the same problem at home!

I feel if we cannot totally get rid of them, One way to go green is to at least reuse them.

So I made a plastic bag dispenser for myself about a year back – a simple one by up-cycling a bag that someone had given me. I use it regularly and I have found it really useful. So this year for Navarathri, I decided to make a few of these for the return gift with the Thamboolam (Usually when people visit for Golu, we give beetel leaf, coconut, along with a small gift). It is very common for people to give articles like plastic boxes or small steel bowls or baskets but nowadays people are innovative and thing of different kind of useful items to give as gifts.

Here is how I made the Plastic bag Dispensers –

I got some bags like these below (these are nowadays used instead of plastic in many places – it is not fully cloth but some other kind of material which is quite sturdy and can be reused)

I paired the bags and for each pair – From one bag, cut the top portion (handle) and bottom portion – Bag A. From the other bag, cut the bottom portion alone – Bag B.

Then I stitched some decorative lace on the one with the bottom portion cut (on Bag B). For Bag B, I ,made a small cut in the center of one side, folded the bottom end and stitched it. Put an elastic through this – the cut is to allow the elastic to go through.

Then stitched the two pieces together as shown – Bag B in the top and Bag A in the bottom.

Tips –

  • Since the bags I used were reversible, I reversed it before using it as I did not like the seam showing outside.
  • When you dump the covers inside it, fold/or just squeeze like a ball so that it does not get entangled with other plastic covers

Hang this using a S-hook wherever you need and manage the plastic cover mess in your house :)!

What are your tricks for handling the plastic cover issue at home? Do share them 🙂