Holi Festival

We see the country celebrate holi with vibrant colours, dance, sweets, bhang etc but at home Holi is celebrated in a very simple and different way.

For us, Holi is considered a festival and needless to mention, ‘Sanaacha Sampak’ (Festival food) goes with it. Other than that there is not much pomp associated with this festival. As my MIL refers to it, ‘Kheer Varan’ is what is required. And ofcourse, the speciality for holi is Puranpoli!

For those with small kids < 5 years of age, Holi is the time they are adorned with Maalas (garlands) made out of edible items such as Puffed rice Maala, Sugar candy Maala, Chocolate maala, biscuit maala etc. This is believed to be for ‘Peeda Parihara’. I will have to check on the exact significance of this custom; Nevertheless, it is a fun way to celebrate and kids would enjoy it too.

Disclaimer – Please note that the below documented pooja is the way I perform it based on what I have learnt from my parents/inlaws. We are Marathi Madhwas (Desistha) and I usually try to follow whatever I can with my limited time and resources. Please check with your respective families before performing the functions. Constructive feedback is welcome.

Significance –

Holi is a festival; an auspicious day….

Menu –

Typical festival food with Puran Poli

Procedure –

Perform regular basic Pooja and do neivaidya to God before eating.

Hot Puran polis :)

Hot Puran polis 🙂

Its Holi! Its Poli time!

Its Holi! Its Poli time!

For kids below 5 years of age –

Preparation –

  • Buy a new dress for the kid [‘Pink’ is the commonly prescribed colour for this occasion]
  • Make or buy maalas made out of edible items  (sample pics below)
Beads for sugar maala

Beads for sugar maala

Sample maalas

Sample maalas

Holi Maalas - Puffed rice & Cashew Badam, Eclairs mala, Chocos and Honeyloops mala & Polo maala

Holi Maalas – Puffed Rice & Cashew Badam, Eclairs mala, Chocos and Honeyloops mala & Polo maala



Procedure –

  • Put on the new dress for the kid(s) (Usually when new dresses are bought, before wearing them, the elders in the family keep it in front of God and put some kumkum on it and then give it to the person wearing it along with their blessings)
  • Invite a few friends/relatives to be part of the function
  • Make the kid sit down on a plank (Paat) or chair facing East
  • Put the maalas one by one (and dont bother if they start eating them immediately :))
  • Once you have put all the maalas, do Akshana (aarathi) to remove drishti. Then you can remove the maalas and let the kids feast on the goodies!

Tips –

  • If you do not have the time to make Puranpolis, any simple Kheer should be just fine to celebrate the occasion.
  • Get the maalas, new dress ready well in advance before the function. If you are in India, you can buy these maalas readymade (esp in Chennai, Bangalore – not sure about other places)
  • If possible do the function for a few kids (maybe neighbour kids) along with your own – it makes it more fun and kids cooperate better in a group!

3 thoughts on “Holi Festival

  1. Can you suggest where I can buy these malas in Bangalore Whitefield area? I am new to Bangalore and looking to buy these for my little daughter

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