Rise and fall of the Cupcakes!

It seemed like a perfect Saturday morning for some nice Chocolate vanilla cupcakes (with some dark choco chips) but something went wrong… the cupcakes rose perfectly in the oven and then just fell making a huge crater in every cupcake! It was disappointing as I had planned to make a big batch and had lots of cake batter.

Tried to google out what could have gone wrong and the reasons were all extremes – either the oven was too hot or not hot enough, either there was too much of baking powder or too little, either the cake batter was mixed too much or too less! Trust me it just did not help and I still dont know the reason for this disaster.

However, the cupcakes tasted absolutely Yum! My son also loved it. So the next day we were having some guests over and I decided to salvage the cupcakes and make a nice icecream cake dessert for dinner.

Here is what I did (Disclaimer – the idea is not fully original. Inspired from lots of recipes I have seen earlier on TV, net etc) – Took out the cupcakes and crumbled it. I lined a bread loaf tin with some aluminium foil, then put one layer of this crumbled cupcake (tightly packed), then one layer of pista icecream (readymade), then one layer of broken bourbon biscuit, one layer of vanilla icecream and finally made a chocolate fudge topping and poured it on top. Froze the whole thing and made slices before serving. The dessert turned out really special. Look at how it turned out below –

The icecream cake

Slicing the cake

Plated up – Ready to be eaten 🙂

It tasted great and everyone enjoyed it.

Tips –

1) I had put a very thick layer of the cake and as it was frozen it was a bit harder than required. It would have been better to put a thin layer and probably I could have put another layer between the icecream layers.

2) When you are building up the layers, you need to have the icecream frozen but also soft for spreading evenly. Also, keep freezing it all at every stage. Especially when I put the chocolate fudge, which was hot, I had to make sure that the rest of it was completely frozen so that I could put the chocolate layer and put it back quickly into the freezer.

3) You could include nuts, tutti fruity etc – just use your imagination!

It was an easy dessert to make as most of the stuff was just bought readymade from the store but by just putting it this way, it felt like a special dish 🙂 Enjoy!

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